What is a Virtual Assistant? What Do Virtual Assistants Do? And What is Their Added Value To Entrepreneurs?

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants are skillful independent professionals who provide support services to your business tasks remotely. As they work from remote locations so you can hire them from all over the world. All you need to communicate with them is a computer system and internet to connect with them via skype or any other medium.

Based on experience and skills set, the work of virtual assistants extends from administrative work to technical work and marketing tasks, but administrative duties are most common among them. Some virtual assistants sign contracts with small businesses, companies, or entrepreneurs.

In simple words, a virtual assistant can work as a freelancer and an associate with a company. Virtual assistants are hired by entrepreneurs and companies that prefer to engage highly skilled people worldwide and get better results. Virtual assistants are often termed as secretary, but they are more than just a secretary.

Virtual assistants tend to offer their services from home or any remote location, which means they do not have to reach any office to accomplish duties. A virtual assistant is a broad term that encloses all tasks from data entry to managing administrative tasks and marketing products.

Some virtual assistants may manage more than one task simultaneously, while others specialize in a single domain. Companies or entrepreneurs can hire virtual assistants for part-time or full-time jobs depending upon their needs. Some virtual assistant asks for hourly pay while others have fixed monthly salary. The salary of virtual assistants is decided based on their skills and experience.

What do Virtual Assistants do?

A virtual assistant can do all the duties from administrative chores, scheduling appointments, and managing events to personal or routine tasks. You can hire a virtual assistant for almost any kind of task. Below are the points describing a wide range of work a virtual assistant can do:

Administration Domain

A virtual assistant can take all the charge of administrative work to maintain office settings that include:

  • Making travel plans and money-saving budgets accordingly
  • Making schedules for appointments
  • Data entry tasks
  • Picking up phone calls
  • Managing and organizing important files

Content Creation

Content creation has become a top and most convenient mode of digital marketing. A virtual assistant can help you in this regard by:

  • Researching trending topics related to business
  • Doing topic research to find the correct information
  • Editing written drafts for grammatical errors before publication
  • Asking for customers’ recommendations of new topics
  • Measuring web traffic to analyze most liked content

Personal Tasks

A virtual assistant can handle your tasks, including:

  • Calendar Management
  • Organizing to-do list
  • Setting reminders for significant events
  • Suggest ideas while making purchases

Social Media Management

A virtual assistant can do the following social media management tasks for you:

  • Create content
  • Schedule Posts
  • Analyze content
  • Interaction with your friends and followers

Email Handling

It requires a Virtual assistant to do:

  • Sending Emails
  • Replying to emails
  • Checking spam and junk folders and organizing the inbox

Finance Management

Dealing with financial matters includes:

  • Recording all transactions
  • Bookkeeping

Added-value of Entrepreneurs

Virtual assistants are raising the productivity bar for entrepreneurs in the following ways:

Lessen Burden

We are not good at everything, and we cannot work on all the tasks ourselves. An entrepreneur may be an excellent social media manager but not have enough knowledge of event management. Similarly, someone with good email marketing skills may not be a perfect fit for content creation. Hiring a virtual assistant as an extra hand for the work you are struggling with lessens the burden and makes your life a bit easier so you can work efficiently.

Talent to rise

While hiring a virtual assistant, you do not have any location limitations. This opportunity lets you hunt the best talent worldwide. This way entrepreneur’s business is promised to rise and shine.

Save Time

Virtual assistants free up time for entrepreneurs by accomplishing their tasks. Entrepreneurs can use that free time to focus on other aspects of their business or work on more significant projects.

Cost effective

Money-saving is another significant benefit of hiring virtual assistants. As virtual assistants work remotely, you only pay for the working hours, and there is no money spent on office space, maintenance, and taxes. Moreover, new employees need basic training before working while visual assistants are experts in their domain, saving the cost of training. Entrepreneurs can invest that money in business.


A full-time employee may only be available during office hours, while virtual assistants can adjust their working hours according to your schedule. You can hire a virtual assistant from another time zone so that they work in your off-hours while you are not available.

Customer Experience

While virtual assistant does the job for you, you can focus on customer experience to improve the quality of your brand. Moreover, you can respond to customers’ queries rapidly, improving your response rate and ultimately improving customer experience.

Focus on other areas

Besides administrative work, other business areas require attention. Handing over the administrative duties to a virtual assistant lets you focus on other essential business areas such as product designing, marketing strategies and follow users’ feedback.

Above and Beyond

The more the number of Virtual assistants you hire, the higher the growth rate of your business. In this way, you can come up to customers’ expectations. These extraordinary accomplishments will make you excel in your business industry quickly.

Supporting Hand

Virtual assistants can act as support systems for your business. Entrepreneurs prefer making virtual assistants’ teams reach out to the other one if one is not available.


A virtual assistant is a remote worker for you. Virtual assistants can cover almost every area of work, from managing your administrative tasks, making phone calls to managing your social media, scheduling new events, and manage the finance system of an entrepreneur’s business. There is no geographical restriction while hiring them so that you can choose the best from any area of the world. Virtual assistants can be paid hourly, weekly, or monthly. Virtual assistants act as critical roles in the success of your business by saving your time and money.

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